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  • Clinical Supervision

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    One’s supervision theory should reflect a sense of purpose.  A supervisor’s theoretical and philosophical background will help to shape them as a supervisor.  I have had the pleasure of providing previous supervision to school counselors, community mental health counselors, and higher education counselors   My personal supervision model is a multi-faceted approach that integrates pieces from different theories.  As I have learned while working with clients and supervisees, there is rarely a “one model or theory fits all” approach that will work with everyone.  The more creative you are in your approach, the better your rapport and engagement will become with your supervisee.  My personal philosophy combines the roles of the supervisor as the teacher, counselor, and consultant.

    I may take on the role of the teacher while focusing on a specific intervention used by a supervisee in the client session, or the role of counselor while focusing on the supervisee’s conceptualization or their work.  I can take on the role of consultant when strategizing new interventions to use and when working with the supervisee to conceptualize a particular area of improvement.  This approach allows me the flexibility to change functions according to the direction of the session with a supervisee.

    I feel that every supervisor, supervisee, and client has a story, and each story defines who an individual is, who an individual can become, and who an individual we will become.

    My personal theory encourages greater self- awareness and fosters a professional and personal identity related to the roles and tasks of counselors.  As a supervisor I believe that self-awareness and self-exploration add to the professional development of supervisees.

    Aspects of supervision that I feel are important are supervisor-supervisee relationship, self-exploration, self-awareness, conceptualization, and supervisee self-efficacy. With an eclectic theoretical.